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Help for Your Neuro-diverse Learner




About the Class
Help your Neuro-diverse learner.

Presented by Maryjane Sander Mellmer, M. Ed

This workshop was recorded live on Saturday, November 20th, 2021 – from 10 am to noon pacific time.

What will you learn in this course?

If a child does not learn the way that the traditional school system is set up, then they are a neuro-diverse learner. Join Maryjane Sander, parent of a neuro-diverse learner and a special education teacher, to find other ways to reach neuro-diverse children and help them to access traditional education. Teachers have many different types of learners in their classrooms. We all want to reach the students where they are at.
This information will help parents and teachers to assist their students to be more successful learners.
Participants will learn why their neuro-diverse students/children are not accessing the educational system the same way as other students.
Learn how they can adapt curriculum and home learning to meet the needs of these students and learn how to draw ideas for children who need to access their learning through movement.
Washington clock hours are available as well as a certificate showing the hours of continuing education you received

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