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Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Our Team

Lou and MJ photo

Louise Debreczeny, Ed.D. and Maryjane Sander, M.Ed.

What We Do

Our clinical services include assessments, interventions, strategy counseling, parent help groups, on-site consultations, in-services for educators, workshops, professional development, and curriculum development.

Our Services Benefit Children Who:

  • Exhibit frustration and confusion to spoken and written material
  • Do not complete assignments, miss due dates, or do not turn in homework
  • Don’t pay attention to spoken directions or respond inconsistently to requests
  • Are easily distracted by noises, voices, movement, etc.
  • Do not understand effects of actions
  • Do quality work one day but not the next day
  • Can’t keep hands or body to self
  • Are not developing language as expected
  • Do not read, write, and/or do math at grade level
  • Repeat what others say but use little normal language

Our Services Benefit Adults Who:

  • Have trouble following through with desired tasks
  • Have time management and organization issues
  • Have trouble concentrating on desired task
  • Have a history of reading, writing, and speaking problems

Language/Learning Assessment

The first step in seeking clinical services with INSL LLC is assessment. The assessment gives useful information about the client’s rate of learning, how they learn, and what accommodations can be made to assist the client. A typical assessment for a child involves; talking with the child about things they are familiar with to evaluate their level of language function, followed by an assessment of academic and cognitive function, either through reading a passage at their reading level, or having them tell a story about a picture they are shown. Through a series of drawing and writing activities, related to the reading selection or to the picture, the evaluator discovers the child’s learning strengths, and how they learn best in order to design intervention strategies. The child’s level of social function is also assessed through observation throughout the interaction with the assessor. At the end of an assessment, you can expect to learn: your child’s levels of language, cognitive, and social function; what type of metacognition (thinking) your child has; and how your child best processes new information for learning acquisition.

Strategy Counseling

Strategy counseling provides methods of learning, or tools, that can be used for academic, social or behavioral needs at all ages.


Intervention compensates for differences between how a person learns and the person’s level of success. Intervention is beneficial for academic, language, and social growth.

Parent or Teacher Consultation

These professional services are aimed at supporting those who work with individuals with learning, language, and behavior differences.

Maureen Fox, parent, from WA writes…
It was just by chance that I met Louise Debreczeny and learned about Neurosemantic Language Learning Theory; that chance turned out to be a game changer. My son struggles with multiple learning and behavioral disabilities and we have been at the mercy of our under resourced, albeit hardworking public school system. You would think that being diagnosed at 4 years old and an IEP by 5 years old would lead us to understanding the special education system by now. Sadly, this is not the case. While there may have been a lot of hand holding in elementary school, middle school left us treading water. By the end of 7th grade, I realized that my son had made no academic advances.

We started attending sessions with Lou at the end of 7th grade and have experienced steady improvement from his baseline 3rd grade language development level to nearly 8th grade level, 3 years later.

I know exactly where we’d be without Lou ; we would be floundering…and with far greater consequences. Perhaps my meeting Lou wasn’t chance at all; perhaps it was exactly what the universe knew we needed.

Sally, parent, writes…

We had been looking for a solution for my daughter’s learning & Reading as It has been a struggle since she had to start Kindergarten remotely in 2019 . We got a referral to Institute for Neurosemantic and SocioCognitive Learning, LLC and they have been Outstanding and mind blowing.

They took the time to understand who Ariel is and where she was at. After the evaluation, they gave a very detailed explanation of where she was at and a game plan to move forward.

They manage to open my daughter’s reading within a month and we saw an immediate increase in her learning and reading by over 75%. Her encouragement to self-read and enjoy reading, this brought my family tears.  Words could not describe how amazing this has been to our family.

We wholeheartedly recommend Neurosemantic and Sociocognitive Learning, LLC to everyone we know that would need their service

Thank you Erin Porter and Neurosomatic for your great job.

Kim Forbes, parent, from WA writes…
My journey in educating has been life-long but my formal institutional education has been a short journey enriched and enhanced by what I have learned through  the Neurosemantic Language Learning Theory. What I have learned both as a parent, of a child receiving educational intervention, and as a teacher, implementing these same ideas into my classroom, has been life-altering and truly changed the trajectory of my child’s learning and my effectiveness as a teacher!