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INSL LLC, led by Dr. Louise Debreczeny and her team, is pioneering a transformative shift in education, grounded in the principles of neuroeducation. With a mission to foster inclusivity and equity in learning, INSL LLC, is leading the way in introducing new and innovative learning materials and methodologies. Central to this mission is the “Story Pictures” initiative, a groundbreaking tool that promotes drawing as the 8th literacy, which bridges the gaps in traditional learning approaches.

Through direct services, equity-promoting materials, and professional development programs, INSL LLC is committed to shaping a future where education resonates with every individual’s unique learning pattern, fostering a more inclusive and empathic society.

Direct services to learners that address each learner’s individual learning needs

Development, production and sale of equity promoting learning materials

Providing professional development and learning opportunities for parents, educators and members of the wider community

We are educators and education consultants who specialize in the support of families, working with children and adults with neurogenic disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders, syndromes, traumatic brain injuries, and specific learning disabilities. See our clinical services page for more information.

We write and develop learning materials for parents, students, and educators We focus on promoting equity and inclusiveness within all our materials.

Our presenters include, Louise Debreczeny, and, Maryjane Sander. We can come to your location to present or we can present on Zoom. Our workshops and presentations are interactive.<br /> In addition, we have a series of recorded workshops available on the workshops page including workshops with Louise Debreczeny, Ed. D., Bonnie Robb, Ed.D., Maryjane Sander, M. Ed., Emily Jaskowiak, Ed.D., Robert Cantwell, Ed.D.

Our Team

louise debreczeny

Dr. Louise Debreczeny, the dynamic Owner/CEO of the Institute for Neurosemantic and Sociocognitive Learning (INSL LLC), is a vanguard in the sphere of educational innovation. Possessing a profound academic background with an Ed.D. specializing in Neuroeducation from the University of Portland, she seamlessly integrates a rich and varied tapestry of life experiences into her educational philosophy.

Before embarking on her educational journey, Lou exhibited a spirit of dedication and excellence in diverse fields. A fervent pursuer of the arts, she completed six years of conservatory training in orchestral performance, earning a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Her early years were also marked by a steadfast service in the North Carolina Army National Guard, where she attained the rank of Sergeant E-5. Further enriching her versatile profile, Lou thrived in a 20-year career in horticulture, achieving recognition as a North Carolina Registered Landscape Contractor and Certified Plantsman.

Transitioning to the educational sector, Lou demonstrated an unyielding commitment to fostering learning, acquiring a master’s in teaching and a special education endorsement from the City University of Seattle. Her journey as an educator spans over 15 years, addressing the diverse learning needs of students with a particular focus on neuroeducation. This extensive experience, including an 8-year tenure in public schools and consultancy at a private clinic, has cemented her status as a recognized authority in the neuroeducation model.

In her latest educational resource, the “Story Pictures,” Lou introduces the innovative concept of drawing as the 8th literacy, a testament to her commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity in learning systems. Lou’s credentials and multi-faceted background converge to create a unique vision in the educational sector, positioning her to spearhead a paradigm shift towards a more inclusive and effective learning landscape. Through INSL LLC, Lou champions an educational revolution, harmonizing education with the intrinsic learning patterns of individuals and fostering a society that celebrates the full spectrum of human learning and creativity.

maryjane sander

Maryjane Sander (Pudlitzke), M.Ed.

Learning, Language and Behavior Consultant

Maryjane Sander (Pudlitzke) has been teaching in a self-contained special education classroom for over 14 years. She has three sons, the youngest of whom has autism and a cognitive delay. Maryjane received her Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Portland with a focus on Neuroeducation, where her capstone project was on using the Viconic language methods (Neuro methods that are used in the InstituteNSL clinic) in her classroom and showing the growth in her students over a four-year time span. Currently, she is using Viconic Language methods exclusively in her instruction. She has been involved with using these methods professionally for four years and uses them personally with her own son who has autism. When teaching in a traditional way Maryjane’s students always showed a great deal of regression over extended breaks. The results in Maryjane’s capstone project are exceptional, students showed steady growth and there was extraordinarily little regression. Maryjane continues to find great success with the methods used in the clinic both in her personal and professional life.